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Hello and welcome to my DooLallyDoo webpage!

Thank you for visiting and I hope while you’re here you’ll enjoy taking a look at my blog posts and check out my art page too! Topics I like to post about include; My Life, Being a Mom, My Love of Food, Feminism and Equality, Creativity, Mental Health Awareness and Anxiety. On my social media pages I often cover what is going on in my life currently, which for the most part involves the past eighteen months when I’ve struggled and am still struggling to get a secure home for me and my little boy here in Ireland. Austerity bites and the housing crisis has chewed us up. Moving out of Dublin into the countryside was supposed to be a new start and I had hoped to start my own craft business, first we need a secure home so here’s hoping the universe gives us a positive break sometime really soon!

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You can follow my photo diary on Instagram, where I post about my personal journey, life and anything I paint or craft, it’s worth a look. I have a Pinterest page you can follow, there’s heaps to browse and inspiring articles that I’ve pinned there which you may find as interesting and useful as I have. You can find me on Twitter and the DooLallyDoo Facebook page too, keep an eye out for more details on whichever platform you enjoy using the most.

I look forward to having plenty of posts here the next time you visit so watch this space!

Catch you soon, Nikki….xxx