There once were two pumpkins, in a land that is Ireland long, long ago (11 months ago to be exact)….

Two pumpkins were rescued from the trappings of a crate in a local fruit and veg shop and their souls pined to be released on time for the awesome festival that is known as Halloween! They were crying out for someone to save them so I grabbed my bicycle and raced as fast as I could to retrieve them from the prying eyes of the giddy children preparing to Trick or Treat. The excited pair of pumpkins tossed and turned in the sack that hung from my handlebars until finally they took rest in my humble abode….

A Tale of Two Pumpkins

They were glowing with relief but they still couldn’t breathe so I intervened with my knife and carving tools to release their souls and give them new life! First came little Patch, he was the cutest little pumpkin ever to be seen!

#DooLallyDoo Patch Pumpkin

He was so happy, he grinned gleefully and was full of joy having finally been released from the disguise of his hard orange shell. He waited patiently to meet his compadre who had been by his side throughout the journey to freedom. Little Patch was in for a shock though, his compadre wasn’t keen to be friendly! Having gurgled and spat his way through being carved, Charlie winced as his guts were pulled from inside and cried out to be fed as soon as he was unveiled from behind the shield that was his orange peel skin! The second pumpkin had exploded into existence with a menacing GROWL….

No Patch, Nooooo Charlie has been released and he’s going to get you!!!!

Too Late   😦

Patch cried and yelled pleas to be released from the grip of Charlie’s sharp fangs but Charlie showed no remorse and chewed his way through Patch like no Pumpkin had ever chewed before. He munched, chomped and gorged his way through Patch with such wickedly evil menace forgetting they ever supported one another as friends on their journey to freedom. Charlie didn’t care, he was greedy and ate his way through little Patch without any hesitation or self control…. Until suddenly it all became too much, Charlie knew he should have slowed down…. What had he done. He stuffed himself so rapidly in a fit of greed, he knew he had gone too far this time and felt ill. His stomach had taken more than he could handle and bleuuuugh….

#DooLallyDoo #PumpkinCarving

Evil Charlie vomited the guts that once belonged to Patch all over the floor! Such a big mess he made, the greedy and wicked pumpkin that is Charlie…..has he lived to tell the tale? Will he show his face again on your doorstep this Halloween ready to prey on his next victim?!?!

Poor little Patch, he was so happy once upon a time, in a land far far away…….

More ‘Doo Lally Doo’ Pumpkin Posts coming soon….. Watch Out! 😉

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