Seeking Refuge

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My heart hurts and I feel worried, even scared at what the people and children of Syria are going through. When you’re not in a good place but you care so very deeply, with a big and heavy heart it’s hard to balance what you can do with what you want to do. I don’t know what I can do to help because I’m currently attempting to keep a roof over mine and my son’s head. A Facebook friend recently posted showing their text to Oxfam donating four euro. In their post about the text, was an appeal for others to text a donation with a confident statement that everyone has four euro to spare. It hurts to say it but no actually, we don’t all have four euro spare. I know I don’t. I had felt an indescribable fear before seeing that post, a fear for the Syrian refugees and I care overwhelmingly for their safety. But my reality in the midst of my first world privilege, is that I currently have eleven euro in my account to keep me and my son fed or warm for the next week. In fact, I’ve had to transfer the eleven euro out of my overdrawn account in case any direct debits remove that few euro I’m able to use. Let me just say that austerity bites.

I’m Scared

I’m scared because of the situation our government has put many of us in. I’m scared for the Syrian’s who are depending on the support, help and assistance that they so desperately need and most definitely support they at the very least deserve, as human beings.  Continue reading “Seeking Refuge”